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  • The Stackable Church requires a shift in leadership thinking & practice - moving from silos to collaborative incubators where everyone owns the win & the loss.

    Jonathan Smith

    Lead Pastor at
  • Before the Church was ever seeker sensitive or purpose driven … it was stackable. (1 Cor. 12:24-26)
  • We can’t just run church like we’ve always run church. It’s time to make the church stackable!
  • Stacking generations is complicated because the rules have changed! The “wait your turn” and “pay your dues” leadership eras have ended. Everyone is now invited to the table so we can #StackTheChurch together!
  • Stacking cultures in the church requires a commitment to ‘park your preferences’ at the door. Humility must be elevated in order to create learners & listeners who are open to changing styles and approaches.

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A strategy to grow healthy churches of all sizes and places. We stack the church.
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